Inspired by Charles Dickens's iconic novel Oliver Twist, this action-fueled crime-thriller set in contemporary London, follows the journey of Twist (Raff Law), a gifted graffiti artist trying to find his way after the loss of his mother. Lured into a street gang headed by the paternal Fagin (OscarĀ® winner* Michael Caine), Twist is attracted to the lifestyle. But when an art theft goes wrong, Twist's moral code is tested as he's caught between Fagin, the police, and a loose-cannon enforcer (Lena Headey).

Movie Specifications

  • Genre
    • Action
    • Thriller
  • US Rating
    • R
  • Theatrical Runtime
    • 90 minutes
  • Edited Runtime
    • Not yet available
  • Airline Release Date
    • September 2022
  • Airline Rights Available
    • Worldwide, excluding US and Canada
  • Country of Origin
    • United Kingdom
  • Lab
    • West Entertainment
  • Director
    • Martin Owen
  • Cast
    • Michael Caine
    • Raff Law
    • Rita Ora
    • Noel Clarke
  • Original Language
    • English
  • Available Dubbed Versions
    • Created upon request
  • Available Subtitled Versions
    • Created upon request