My Life in China

In 1966, Kenneth Eng’s father defected from China by swimming to Macau. He then ferried illegally to Hong Kong and ultimately arrived in the U.S., where he had two sons. It’s a story of migration that’s not unusual in accounts of the Asian American experience or in celebrations of the American dream.

What makes MY LIFE IN CHINA so fascinating and timely is that it begins with the epilogue to this familiar tale. While well-educated in China, Kenneth’s dad ended up cooking Chinese fast food in Boston. His wife was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic. America became a nightmare. He had escaped China once for a better life. 40 years later, could he escape back?


Movie Specifications

  • Genre
    • Drama
    • Documentary
  • US Rating
    • Unrated
  • Theatrical Runtime
    • 81 minutes
  • Edited Runtime
    • Not yet available
  • Airline Release Date
    • December 2015
  • Rights Available
    • Worldwide
  • Country of Origin
    • USA
  • Lab
    • Cinemagnetics
  • Cast
    • Yau King Eng
  • Director
    • Kenneth Eng
  • Original Language
    • Chinese with English Subtitles
  • Available Dubbed Versions
    • Created upon request
  • Available Subtitled Versions
    • Created upon request


Director's Statement

At a time when immigration is such a volatile issue, my film aims to build understanding and compassion for immigrants. People today have the same dream of living a better life -much like my father did. This is a tribute to those that sacrifice so much so that we can have the opportunities we do.