Gloves Off

Gloves Off is the story of Doug who, after the sudden death of his trainer during his championship fight, has inherited a crumbling debt-ridden gym, packed with a mixed bag of crazy would-be boxers. Doug must raise £50,000 fast or risk watching his mentor's legacy re-possessed and transformed into a jumped-up Pilates parlor for stock brokers. Doug agrees to train a gypsy woman's brother to fight in a £100,000 winner-takes-all bare-knuckle contest against the "King of The Gypsies".

Movie Specifications

  • Genre
    • Comedy
    • Drama
  • US Rating
    • Not Rated
  • Theatrical Runtime
    • 98 minutes
  • Edited Runtime
    • Not yet available
  • Airline Release Date
    • September 2019
  • Rights Available
    • Worldwide, excluding United Kingdom and China
  • Country of Origin
    • United Kingdom
  • Lab
    • CMI Media
  • Director
    • Steven Nesbit
  • Cast
    • Brad Moore
    • Greg Orvis
    • Ricky Tomlinson
  • Original Language
    • English
  • Available Dubbed Versions
    • Created upon request
  • Available Subtitled Versions
    • Created upon request