Alex and Eve

In this hilarious romantic comedy, Alex (Richard Brancatisano) is a handsome Greek Orthodox man in his mid-thirties whose parents want him to marry a good Greek girl. But Alex has fallen in love with Eve (Andrea Demetriades), a Lebanese Muslim woman. Torn between different religions, traditional and modern values, Alex and Eve must do everything under the heavens to stop themselves from falling in love!


Movie Specifications

  • Genre
    • Romantic Comedy
  • US Rating
    • Not Rated
  • Theatrical Runtime
    • 92 minutes
  • Edited Runtime
    • Not yet available
  • Airline Release Date
    • June 2016
  • Rights Available
    • Worldwide, excluding Australia/New Zealand
  • Country of Origin
    • Australia
  • Lab
    • Cinemagnetics
  • Cast
    • Richard Brancatisano
    • Andrea Demetriades
  • Director
    • Peter Andrikidis
  • Original Language
    • English
  • Available Dubbed Versions
    • Created upon request
  • Available Subtitled Versions
    • Created upon request