After Circus

The fascinating After Circus is one part sadness, one part determination, and one part inspiration. There’s very little help for circus performers once they’ve finished working. Many of the people featured in the film have been a part of the circus since they were kids, coming from circus families who have built legacies over the years. So what is left for these marvelous performers when their bodies just can’t handle it any longer? A beautiful and touching film.

Movie Specifications

  • Genre
    • Documentary
  • US Rating
    • Not Rated
  • Theatrical Runtime
    • 80 minutes
  • Edited Runtime
    • Not yet available
  • Airline Release Date
    • April 2017
  • Rights Available
    • Worldwide
  • Country of Origin
    • Canada
    • USA
  • Lab
    • Cinemagnetics aka CMI Media
  • Director
    • Viveka Melki
  • Original Language
    • English
  • Available Dubbed Versions
    • Created upon request
  • Available Subtitled Versions
    • Created upon request